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Alt 09-24-2018, 00:44   #1
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Üyelik tarihi: Feb 2018
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Standart NeoFinder Business 7.3 macOS

Languages: Multlingual | File Size: 19.25 MB

NeoFinder rapidly organizes your data, either on external or internal disks, or any other volumes. It catalogs all your data, so you stay in control of your data archive or disk library. With extensive metadata support, you can find your files quickly.

Key Features:
• Catalog: any hard disk, data folder, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, BlueRay, HD-DVD, iPod, Server Volume, Audio-CD, USB-Stick, FTP-Server, and more
• Power: Handle really large amounts of data
• Photo Previews: Create beautiful thumbnails for many photo and image formats, such as JPG, TIFF, EPS, RAW, PDF, PSD, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA, IFF (Maya)
• Audio Meta d 7;ta: MP3, AAC (iTunes), FLAC (Lossless), ALAC (Apple Lossless), and AIFF meta d 7;ta: author, album, title, composer, lyrics, cover art, track number, duration, bit rate, genre, year, comment. Even catalogs whole Audio-CDs, and Apple iPhone ringtone files!
• Photo Meta d 7;ta: XMP (used by Adobe Bridge), EXIF and IPTC meta data (including GPS geotags), and JPG, TIFF, PICT and BMP photo details
• Movie Meta d 7;ta: get thumbnails, the dimension, duration, codec and frame rate out of movie files, supporting AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, MPG, MKV, M4V, and others
• Geotagging GPS support: NeoFinder catalogs and displays GPS EXIF tags of photos, and has direct links to Google Earth, Flickr, Panoramio, Google Maps and MapQuest. NeoFinder can even search for photos that were taken near any location (GeoFinder), and export GPS data to KMZ files
• Networkable: Share your NeoFinder database in your entire workgroup (requires a Business License)
• Cross-platform: with abeMeda (was CDWinder), you can use one database for both worlds!
• Workflow Integration: Automatically catalog all discs burned by Roxio Toast; Drag any image directly from NeoFinder into applications like Adobe InDesign, Quark XPress, Apple Pages, Microsoft Office; integrate NeoFinder into FileMaker Pro databases, and much more
• Find it! Best Find functions, and of course offline browsing of all your volumes - even in multiple windows, if you want to
• Spotlight Integration: Search your local disks with Spotlight and as well as your catalogs from inside NeoFinder
• Import Catalogs: These twelve formats are supported: Disk Recall, DiskWizard, Iomega FindIt, Portents DiskTracker (both 1.x and 2.x!), Catalogue, CatFinder, "Neometric" Catalog, DiskLibrary, Broken Cross Disk Manager (Windows), and Advanced Disk Catalog (ADC for Windows) catalog or export files, and iView MediaPro and Microsoft Expression Media XML files
• Fast and really easy to use, see screenshots
• Export and print catalog data
• Insight: Look inside archive files: ZIP, TAR, .rar, StuffIt (.sit and even .sitx), and others, including Disk Image contents
• International: English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish and Dutch user interface, all in one application
• Unicode compatible: Use NeoFinder to catalog file names of any language
• AppleScript: Integrate NeoFinder with FileMaker Pro or any other application, or extend the abilities of NeoFinder
• Extend your NeoFinder catalog database by using five custom fields for any content you need
• FileCheck: Only NeoFinder can generate an industrial strength MD5 checksum for every file being cataloged
• AutoMount: NeoFinder automatically mounts every server volume you have cataloged or updated for you, if needed! And you can of course also ask NeoFinder to mount the volume for you at any time, using the context menu
• QuickLook: Open a QuickLook window for any selected online file(s) right from inside NeoFinder!
• Cross-Grade: you already bought a different disk cataloger or media asset manager application, ask us for a good offer!
• Free email support
• Languages: User Interface in eight languages, all in one application: English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish and Dutch

`79; NeoFinder now has a Display Filter that you can use to filter items based on their kind, name, rating, label, or other attributes! That is highly useful when working with large amounts of data, and works in all five view types!
`79; NeoFinder now has a cool Gallery View! Not just in macOS Mojavo, like Apples Finder, but in all Mac OS X and macOS versions since 10.7!
`79; You can now update one or multiple media files in an existing catalog!
`79; NeoFinder can now catalog the text from email messages! Currently, .emlx (Apple Mail) and .eml (MS Outlook) formats are supported
`79; Many windows have a Help button that will open the suitable page in the NeoFinder Users Guide for you
`79; Find Duplicates can now find Duplicate Folders!
`79; In the Inspector, you can now Find Tags in Instagram by clicking on them
`79; The Find Editor now autocompletes keywords for you, using the keyword list in the Controlled Vocabulary
`79; You can copy and paste entire sets of XMP metadata from one file to another
`79; NeoFinder catalogs Affinity Publisher documents, and of course allows you to edit the whole set of XMP metadata for these, too!
`79; The XMP Editor in the Inspector now has a new Date editor, so you can change the XMP date for one or multiple items at once
`79; The XMP Presets Editor now has a date field as well
`79; NeoFinder can now of course catalog that XMP date field from existing files
`79; A new Filefinder Text Importer allows you to import the text files from that abandoned old disk cataloger
`79; You can now copy and paste GPS coordinates, and the XMP locations fields, separately
`79; You can now sort the catalog LIBRARY by Volume Modification Date as well
`79; The Movie Contact Sheet now has an option to turn off the time display in the thumbnails
`79; Also, the Movie Contact Sheet can now automatically be saved next to the original file, even when multiple video files are selected. That is a great way of creating a lot of these at once
`79; You can now duplicate Albums and Smart Folders, using the context menu
`79; The file information that the Movie Contact Sheet displays is much more detailed and precise now
`79; The Movie Contact Sheet now uses the modern AVFoundation in macOS for better results
`79; The main window has a new button that will open the free NeoFinder Video Tutorials for you
`79; NeoFinder can now catalog Aurora 2018 documents
`79; NeoFinder can now catalog the BWF, or BEXT records from ProTools, with date and unique ID values for audio files
`79; NeoFinder can now catalog thumbnails for Cinema 4D (".c4d") files, if that app is installed
`79; NeoFinder can now catalog ICNS thumbnails
`79; NeoFinder now catalogs thumbnails for stereoscopic MPO files
`79; NeoFinder can now catalog the lens name of the EXIF record, and display it in the Inspector, and search it in the "any text" parameter or QuickFind
`79; NeoFinder now catalogs the fps value of movies as floating point, allowing for values like 29.97
`79; Find Duplicates can now search for duplicate audio files by the BEXT record
`79; A new button can now display and reverse the sort order in the navigation bar of NeoFinder
`79; The Photo Contact sheet can now include a second line with details from each photo
`79; You can now download an entire folder with all files and subfolders from the Backblaze B2 and a Dropbox catalog!
`79; The LIBRARY sidebar now uses a more modern "view based" control from Apple. It will look better, and interactions are better with this
`79; You can now open an Album in a separate window, too
`79; Ejecting volumes now runs in the background, and won't block NeoFinder anymore
`79; You can now double click one or multiple keywords in the Controlled Vocabulary list to add these to the one selected file
`79; You can now remove files and folders from the Found Items list, to generate better reports
`79; The number of items of albums is now displayed in green
`79; Exporting a file using the Item menu will now also copy a possible sidecar XMP file to the target location
`79; The Web Gallery now adds the media info to its Details page
`79; The Web Gallery uses a lot less memory while generating the HTML pages for you
`79; The folder list in the Batch Cataloging window is now always hierarchically sorted by name, even if your NeoFinder database is placed on a APFS volume
`79; Date changes in the Auto Updater will now be used for all selected catalogs, not just one of them
`79; Updated the code to read the Audio CD cover art from Coverartarchive.org
`79; Cataloging certain malformed Sound Designer 2 audio files cannot crash NeoFinder anymore
`79; Fixes a problem of reading CD-TEXT from certain Audio-CDs in macOS Sierra and newer
`79; Fixes a problem cataloging EXIF date values in certain time zones
`79; Fixes a problem with losing folder and color labels during updating of a catalog
`79; Fixes a problem when exporting to XML with no thumbnails
`79; Fixes a problem with the precision when cataloging and pasting GPS Geotags
`79; Fixes a problem changing the XMP byline value in certain files
`79; Fixes a problem cataloging certain malformed AIFF audio files
`79; Fixes some problems in macOS Mojojava, but isn't yet completely certified due to the lack of the final macOS 10.14 version from Apple
`79; Improved reading of audio tags in certain Apple AAC files
`79; Improved reading of certain ID3 tags in MP3 and WAV files
`79; Improved code for searching Ratings
`79; Improved code for the internal debug log feature
`79; Works around a weird bug in macOS removing the contextual menus in NeoFinder immediately after opening them (only macOS High Sierra and macOS Mohava)
`79; Many little improvements and fixes

Requirements: 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.13 macOS High Sierra.


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